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Our company is being command by the highly professionals to maintain the smooth business operations in all departments to achieve the business goals from our higher management from processing, legislating and marketing. We believe in Total Quality Management programs as key factor to cost control and marketing oriented organization success. Our organization change quality control role to quality assurance and push quality responsibility to root level of our business. Our quality responsibility laid on each individual started from procurement team to packing and operational / logistics staff. These developments enhance our efficiency as well, it boosts our business. This quality policy ensures our business stability in the market to meet our customer’s requirements.
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Office Court Building, 3rd Floor, Office No 304, 10th Street, Oud Metha Road, Oud Metha (Al Nasr), Near Oud Metha Metro Station 1, Dubai. PO Box-234662.
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Chemical and Fertilizer Mineral Mining | Potash, Soda, Borate Minerals | Chemical Supply | Petroleum Products | Food Trading | Oil Field Industrial Supplies
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Petroleum | Gilsonite | PET Coke | Rubber Process Oil | Base Oil | Bitumen | Chemicals | Ethyl Acetate | Formalin | Methanol Methyl Alcohol | Soda Ash | Xylene | Toluene | Fertilizer | Ammonium Nitrate | Sulphur Lump | Sulphur Granular | Minerals | Chrome Ore | Iron Ore | Calcium Carbonate | Gypsum | Quick Lime | Limestone | Barite | White Talcum | Industrial Talcum | Dolomite | White Crystal Barite | Black Carbon | Bentonite | Fuel Additives | Lubricants | Engine Oils | Gear Oils | Industrial Oils | Grease | Bentone Grease | Calcium Grease | Anti Freeze Or Anti Boil | Oil Treatments Product | Hydraulic Oils | Waxes | Microcrystalline Wax | Bee Wax | Paraffin Wax | Light Slack Wax | Residual Wax (Foots Oil) | Scrap | PET Scrap | Waste Papers | Food Items | Sugar | Rice | Pasta | Construction Materials | Cement | Clinker | Home Appliances | Induction Cooker | Vacuum Cleaner | Iron | Mini Bars
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Management Info.
Name : Mr. Mujahid Hussain Siddique
Designation : Managing Director
Direct Ext.No. /Mobile No : +971501415509
Office Tel No : +97143584611
Email Id : mujahid@alwardinternational.com

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