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About Us :
At Aura we use the power of creativity to help our clients grow their business. Our creative, marketing and production expertise spans a vast range of audio-visual mediums,   and our clients trust us to design stunning, realistic and thoroughly unique communication solutions for their specific media needs. We are passionate about all aspects of media production and have the necessary industry knowledge and experience to successfully harness the power of creativity to benefit our clients. Our company’s modern structure and work-synergy ensure that we can quickly form teams best suited to deliver focused communication solutions. We partner with our clients in understanding what is needed and what is best, so that we can build the right team around these specific requirements.  It is like having your own Marketing and Creative experts. This approach guarantees dynamic, flexible and responsible solutions uniquely tailored to provide the very best,your marketing money can buy.
Main Office/Store Details :
CNN Building, Building No 2, Al Falak Street, Al Sufouh Road, Dubai Media City, Near MBC Group Building, Dubai. PO Box-72280.
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