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About Us :
'' Radio, TV , AV, Satellite , IT , Solar Power & Broadcast ''FM & TV Studios and Transmitters, Transmission Antenna Systems, BUCs, HSPA, Audio Processors, Encoders, Decoders, Modulators, IRDs, PA Systems, IPTV, VOD, Broadcast Consoles, Automation and Play outs, Tel Hybrids, RF Test & MCR, PCR , Measurements Equipment, Power, Solar, PDUs, IPTV, Set Top Boxes, Microphones, IP Codecs, Routers ,Sound Cards, Video Capture Cards, Audio & Video Signal Converters ,Vision Mixers, HD Cameras & Camcorders, Studios Lights, AV Logging , CG Software, Turnkey Radio & TV Projects. Streaming Servers, In-store Radio, Streaming Encoders, Hospitality TV Solution,  Streaming Over LAN & Point to Point Video Connectivity.
Main Office/Store Details :
Thomson Reuters Building 1, 1st Floor, Office No 114, Al Falak Street, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Media City, Near Dubai Media City Amphiltheatre, Dubai. PO Box-37576.
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