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About Us :
Corpofino Spa and Slimming Lounge’s journey toward becoming one of the leading beauty and health destinations in Abu Dhabi began in 1997. Adding to our portfolio of expertise, we have opened in 2008 Corpofino Dermatology Clinic to offer an array of hand-tailored treatments for Slimming, Skin Care, Cellulite Removal and other traditional beauty care services; using the latest technologies and premium products trusted by leading dermatologist Worldwide.
Main Office/Store Details :
Corpofino Spa and Slimming Lounge/ Corpofino Dermatology Clinic, 19th Street, Shakhbout Bin Sultan Street, Abu Dhabi, Al Mushrif Area | Opposite to Abu Dhabi Local Immigration, Abu Dhabi.
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Management Info.
Name : Fatine Belhimer
Designation : Operations Manager
Direct Ext.No. /Mobile No : +971544439810
Office Tel No : +97124452800
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Address : Corpofino Dermatology Clinic, #Ground Floor, 19th Street, Shakhbout Bin Sultan Street, Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi
Telephone : +97126396991
Website :

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