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About Us :
To create something outstanding we sometimes need to break with tradition and common thinking.GEOX was born thanks to an unconventional idea of Mario Moretti Polegato, who cut holes in his rubber-soled shoes with a Swiss Army knife to relieve his overheated feet when walking through the Nevada desert.
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Dubai Festival City Mall, Crescent Drive, Festival Boulevard, Al Rebat Street, Dubai Festival City, Near Toys R Us | Novo Cinemas, Dubai. PO Box-30069.
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Address : Mercato Shopping Mall, #Ground Floor, 4d 69 A Street, Jumeirah Road, 30069, Jumeirah 1, Dubai
Telephone : +97143422243
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Address : Deira City Centre, #1st Floor, 8th Street, Baniyas Road, 30069, Port Saeed, Dubai
Telephone : +97142954429
Website :

Address : Ibn Batuta Mall, #Shop 127b, India Court, Sheikh Zayed Road, 5th Interchange, 30069, Jebel Ali Village, Dubai
Telephone : +97143685586
Website :

Address : Mall Of The Emirates, #1st Floor, Al Barsha Road, Sheikh Zayed Road, 30069, Al Barsha 1, Dubai
Telephone : +97143415108
Website :

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