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Business Analyst

Our company ‘Edurar’, a smart online & offline business solution that provides an extensive range of business and marketing consultancy services is looking for experienced & talented ‘Business Analyst’.

Job Description

As the term seems rather vague, many individuals are uncertain as to the job description of business analyst.  The role of a business analyst may encompass many different job duties and required attributes. Much depends on the industry of business requiring the needs of an analyst.

The International Institute of Business Analysis defines a business analyst as: "a liaison among stakeholders in order to understand the structure, policies, and operations of an organization, and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals."

The business analyst establishes a substantial link between the business community of an organization and the information technology community of that organization, in the end providing useful I.T. services and systems to the enterprise.

A business analyst looks at and analyzes business systems, looking for holes and areas of improvement in order to streamline, modify and change ineffective business methods and processes.  The business analyst normally maintains an internal role in an organization and is familiar with most of the systems and operational needs.  A business analyst may overlap into other roles or job descriptions such as consultant or project manager.

Other Details


1.A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or engineering is normally a minimum educational level requirement for this position with most large organizations requiring a Master Degrees or MBA for the heavy and responsible analytical skills necessary large corporations.

2.While there is no specific path to becoming a business analyst, most have worked as an engineer or programmer. Within these discipline, dependent on the natural analytical skills of the individual and ability to maintain a big-picture mentality towards an entire business process, some individuals are more suited for this position than others.  

3.Most large organizations are looking for individuals with a long and varied work history as a systems analyst as the position is maintains a high degree of responsibility and overall organization success.

4.Strong and analytical mathematical skills and highly effective project management skills are essential to this position.

5.Performs the collection and analysis of a multitude of complex business processes and needs.  The communication of improvements and changes to business processes and systems are then effectively communicated developers through written and oral communication.

6.Evaluation of collected data and business processes and dissemination through surveys and workshops held with organizational decision makers and development personnel.

7.Effectively coordinate with internal groups or business units who will evaluate, test and validate newly developed applications and decide on specific issues involving services and software.

8.Adeptness in the ability to accurately communicate with external individuals/clients and internal company teams to deliver a product's functional requirements to the end operator/user in the form of a user friendly human interface screens for the Graphic User Interface (GUI).

9.Perform effective layout, charting, and flowcharting, general analysis and workflow patterns obtained through meetings and one-on-one with management and end users. 

10.The ability to follow a project through from beginning to end in order to obtain sign-off authorization from management, stakeholders and/or clients.

11.Makes analyzed and informed suggestions to the development team during the creation phase of a new procedure, software product or process to meet the organization's specific, most important business operational needs.

12.In the final implementation of a newly designed product, system, software implementation, the business analyst should be intimately involved in and have the ability to develop and execute various testing protocols and implementations to the degree of sufficiently working-out all possible problem scenarios. 

13.Analyzing, understanding and implementing change requests related to a newly developed project in order to facilitate newly implemented organizational processes and needs in a timely fashion to meet deadlines.

How to apply:

Interested applicant may send their CV through email at with ‘Business Analyst’ in the subject in your email.


Job Ref.                : JB3432268

Job Location            : JLT, Dubai

Company Industry        : Advertising

Company Type            : Employer (Private Sector)

Job Role                : Business Analyst

Employment Status       : Full Time

Employment Type         : Employee

Monthly Salary Range    : Unspecified

Number of Vacancies     : 2


Career Level            : Mid Career

Years of Experience     : Min - 2 & Max - 5

Residence Location      : Dubai, UAE

Gender                  : Male/Female

Nationality             : Any

Degree                  : Unspecified

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