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Mediterranean cuisine is one of the largest sought after groups of food today. Located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon is known for its rich culinary traditions that blend Mediterranean flavors with their own Levant specialties. These foods are abundant in healthful ingredients such as olive oil, garlic, and fresh greens. With irresistible flavors combined with wholesome foods it is easy to understand the obsession over Lebanese cuisine.
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Blue Bay Tower, Ground Floor, Al Abraj Street, Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Near Zoom Market, Dubai.
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steak sandwich  |  halloumi sandwich  |  chicken pesto  |  frankfurter  |  club sandwich  |  mushroom creamy  |  asparagus creamy  |  minestrone soup  |  lentil soup  |  biscuit au chocolat  |  fruit salad  |  crepe au chocolat  |  sahlab  |  custard  |  meghle  |  mohallabieh  |  grilled meat  |  grilled kafta  |  chicken keif  |  grilled taouk  |  mixed grill  |  boneless chicken  |  keif grill special  |  kief grill special  |  kabab keif  |  kabab halabi  |  escalope platter  |  the perfect steak platter  |  chicken keif platter  |  mozarella sticks  |  calamari rings  |  finger shrimps  |  keif sampler  |  buffalo wings  |  chicken tender  |  Chicken Nuggets  |  foul lebanese appetizer  |  balila  |  fatteh hommos  |  fatteh hommos with meat  |  hommos  |  moutabbal  |  tabouleh  |  fattouch  |  grape leaves  |  rocca thyme  |  kebbeh meat  |  rakakat meat  |  sambousek meat  |  sambousek cheese  |  The classic patty burger platters  |  Keif burger  |  Crispy Mozzarella burger  |  mushroom burger  |  chicken breast burger  |  cajun burger  |  fish burger  |  french fries  |  potato wedges  |  baked potato  |  The greek salad  |  Nicoise Salad  |  Subway salad  |  Rocca Manchego  |  Supreme Pasta  |  Hail Ceasar  |  Crab salad  |  Keif salad (crab)  |  Keif salad (chicken)  |  Shish tawook sandwich  |  Grilled Beef Sandwich  |  Kafta Sandwich  |  Beef Shawarma Sandwich  |  Turkey Cheese Sandwich  |  Chili Chicken Sandwich  |  Roast Beef Sandwich
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Management Info.
Name : Ali Abou Hamad
Designation : Not Specified
Direct Ext.No. /Mobile No : +971556679679
Office Tel No : +97144276669
Email Id : dubai@keifrestaurant.com

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