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About Us :
With a remarkable transformation from small beginnings into today’s company covering 70,000sqm, employing over 500 skilled professionals, and with an international client base, we remain firmly bound by the tradition of service, which has been the core achievement of our operations for more than 50 years.MEOS, A Musallam Makhtoum Company, serving the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries since the 1950s & its group companies provide between them the capability for which they are renowned and have allowed us to handle a wide array of assignments for both local and international customers.
Main Office/Store Details :
Sheikha Mahra Ahmad Al ghurair Building, 3rd Floor, Office No 319, 5th Street, Al Nahda Street, Damascus Road, Al Qusais, Near Fortune Plaza Hotel, Dubai. PO Box-2234.
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Control Valves-Supplier  |  Regulators-Supplier  |  Pneumatic Field Instruments-Supplier  |  Level Controllers-Supplier  |  Pilot Operated Relief Valves-Supplier  |  Emergency Relief Valves-Supplier  |  Flame And Detonation Arresters-Supplier  |  Rupture Discs Or Bursting Discs And Holders-Supplier  |  Explosion Vents-Supplier  |  Gaskets-Supplier  |  Heat Tracing Products-Supplier  |  Industrial Heating Products-Supplier  |  Immersion Heaters-Supplier  |  Circulation Heaters-Supplier  |  Process Air Heaters-Supplier  |  Comfort Air Heaters-Supplier  |  Heat Transfer System-Supplier  |  Large Tank Heaters-Supplier  |  Boilers And Steam Generators-Supplier  |  Load Banks-Supplier  |  Power Control Panels-Supplier  |  Integrally Geared High Pressure Pumps-Supplier  |  Centrifugal Compressors-Supplier  |  Magnetically Coupled Pumps-Supplier  |  Screw Pumps Gear Pumps And Foam Pumps-Supplier  |  Mechanical Seals And Couplings-Supplier  |  Submersible Pumps-Supplier  |  Dry Docks Jetty-Supplier  |  Marine Offshore Products-Supplier  |  Navigation Aids And Marine Buoys-Supplier  |  Single Point Moorning-Supplier  |  Offshore Cranes-Supplier  |  Petrol Pumps, Dispensers And Automatic Tank Gauging Systems-Supplier  |  Car Wash Machines-Supplier  |  Flexible Underground Piping-Supplier  |  Digital Tire Infiltrators-Supplier  |  Vapour Recovery Units-Supplier  |  Band Lock Closures And Pig Alerts-Supplier  |  Vibration Monitoring System-Supplier  |  Laser Alignment And Balancing System-Supplier  |  Wireless Vibration Monitoring System-Supplier  |  Borescopes Fiberscopes And Videoscopes System-Supplier
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