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About Us :
MUBARAK MARINE LLC is a marine and offshore service organization based in Dubai. The company specializes in areas of Towage, Salvage, Offshore Support, Terminal/SPM Support & Maintenance, Heavy Lift, Emergency Response and Rescue. The company is focused on providing its clients safe, efficient and value driven marine and offshore services.The company offers variety of vessels to suit the ever growing needs of its clients based in and outside the Middle East. From its humble beginnings in 1979, the Mubarak Marine fleet has grown to a diverse fleet of 38 vessels, with additions being made continuously of modern and versatile vessels to adapt to the rapidly growing and changing marine offshore industry.
Main Office/Store Details :
Mubarak Marine Company, Ground Floor, Al Khaleej Road, Al Waheda, Near Al Hamriya Shipping And Hamriya Port, Dubai. PO Box-7220.
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