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Purvi Enterprises Group of Companies.. PURVI ENTERPRISES L.L.C. is currently distributing one of the leading brands of rice in the Middle East, Asia and USA.“PURVI” & “SINNARA” Our Basmati Rice is extra-long, slender, non-sticky rice which has a natural aroma, delicious taste, and becomes two to three times its original size when cooked; making it an international favorite. “PURVI” & “SINNARA” has been marketing itself globally for more than 38 years. We entered the highly competitive basmati rice industry in the Middle East, with the confidence that it has in it's of its impeccable quality consistency that guarantee its consumer for life. Our milling, processing, packing, and quality inspection is controlled entirely by our own packing unit. We have our own, reprocessing unit and warehouse in Saif Zone, Sharjah, wherein we reprocess the raw rice to get the best quality of basmati rice and repack the finished rice quality to our well-known brands “PURVI” & “SINNARA”. Our Rice is aged to perfection!!Much like fine wine, Sinnara Gold Basmati Rice gets its signature aroma and flavor with age!!We believe in long-term relationships, and strive to provide our vendors that sell or consume our brands with appropriate sales support and price. It is our commitment to quality, and quality consistency, which instills a sense of loyalty for the brand in our consumers. 
Main Office/Store Details :
Al Hawaii Building, Ground Floor, Al Ahmadiya Street, Al Khor Street, Al Ras, Al Ras, Near Hafez Hotel Apartment, Dubai. PO Box-6358.
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Name : Mr. Jai Patel
Designation : Sales / Marketing Manager
Direct Ext.No. /Mobile No : +971559111988
Office Tel No : +97142263055
Email Id : jp.sinnara@gmail.com

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