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About Us :
Applus+ Velosi is a group focused in vendor inspection, third party inspection, certification, testing and manpower services for the oil&gas industry. VELOSI Group was founded in 1982 in Malaysia to provide asset integrity, quality assurance, quality control and a variety of other engineering services to leading oil and gas companies worldwide. We operate globally from five regional headquarters in the USA, UK, South Africa, UAE and Malaysia. Applus+ Velosi has 70 offices in 50 countries worldwide.Applus+ Velosi can offer you everything from quality assurance to quality control; we also can handle the manufacturing process from inspection to legislative certification.
Main Office/Store Details :
Abu Dhabi Business Hub, Block B, ICAD 1, 2nd Floor, Office No 201, Abu Dhabi Al Ain Truck Road, Abu Dhabi, Behind Sheik Khalifa Medical Warehouse, Abu Dhabi. PO Box-114182.
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