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al barsha
AED  100
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Home Appliances >> Large Appliances/ White Good >> Dishwashers >>
Zaki-056-326-0042, Free Pick. No Service Charges. We Repair GE Washing Machine Repair. Fully Equipped Vans & Engineers Available. We are specialists in GE appliance repairs.

GE Washing machine Repairing
GE Dishwasher Repairs
GE Freezer Repairs
GE Garbage Disposal Repairs
GE Ice Machine Repairs
GE Microwave Oven Repairs
GE Outdoor Kitchens
GE Ovens Repair
GE Stove Tops & Ranges
GE Refrigerator Not Cold Enough
GE Refrigerator Repairs
GE Trash Compactors
GE Vent Hoods
GE Wine Coolers
GE Washing Machine Repair
GE Dishwasher Repair
GE Washing Machine Service,
GE Washer Repair,
GE Appliance Repair,
GE Repairs,
GE Dishwasher Service,
GE Dryer Repair, GE Oven Repairs,
GE Appliance Service,
GE Repair Service, GE Refrigerator Repair,
GE Dishwasher Repair Service,
GE Fridge Repair

Call Zaki: 056 326 0042

Age : Brand New
Usage : Still in original packaging
Condition : Perfect inside and out
Warranty : Yes
Brands : GE
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