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Dubai Police - Application for People With Disability - Services for Individual
This Service is offered to people with disabilities in any of the Emirates. It allows the disabled; of physical disabilities, hearing or visual impairment, to subscribe to the service by filling their vital data; as of their residence and means of communications, etc., in order to record these information in the System of the Command and Control Center of  Dubai Police. When they call the Center; on 999; their location (based on the information recorded) will be pinpointed on the map of the recipient's screen. These people will have the priority of receiving the aid and the rapid response of ambulances. 

Dubai Police - Application for Summer Courses - Services for Individual
Dubai Police General Headquarters provides this Service to male and female students to register in the Summer Courses. Only residents of the Emirate of Dubai may use it.

Dubai Police - Application for Officers Club Membership - Services for Institutions
This Service allows customers to get a Membership of Dubai Police Officers Club.

Dubai Police - Supplier Application - Services for Institutions
This Service allows suppliers (companies - organizations - institutions - universities - hospitals) to communicate with Dubai Police GHQ regarding the sale of materials, submitting a proposal, or presenting a complaint.

Department of Finance - Military Pension Form
The Pensions Division applies Local Law (Act) No. (21) year 2008 on pensions and social insurance for local military personnel working in Dubai Government. Local Law (Act) No. (21) texts include the mechanism of social insurance and benefits resulting.

Islamic Affairs and Charitable - Embracing Islamic Form
This service enables new Muslims to request for proclaiming Islam. The service is available to everyone. This service is provided by Edification and Religious Guidance Department/New Muslims Section.

Al Ameen - Al Ameen Online Submission Form
Using this service, the people of Dubai can communicate confidentially with the authorities to keep abreast of development in Dubai and on issues that concern them.

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